Do I really need travel insurance?

A very common question I am asked from my clients is if travel insurance is really a necessary purchase.  Is it mandatory?  No, it is not required but we strongly advise to add insurance to a vacation, especially this year.

We are in unprecedented times with us transitioning from a pandemic to an endemic with various travel restrictions.  We saw travel come near to a complete halt.  Cruise lines didn’t sail for months.  Airlines have been struggling with reduced staff.  Unfortunately, I have had travelers in all kinds of situations from how to handle cancelled vacations to needing to extend a stay because of airline cancellations.

Travel insurance gives you peace of mind.  While we prefer to stay glass-half-full and assume nothing will go wrong, insurance can be a blessing if something does happen.  Travel insurance can cover lost luggage, missed travel connections, or even trip interruptions.  And, now most insurance companies have a coronavirus clause that covers quarantine and extended stay needs should you get sick while traveling.

Travel insurance suppliers have various plans that can be evaluated to find one that fits your needs.  As your travel advisor, I can help to suggest one or two plans for consideration.  Just be sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly to understand your coverage.  When in doubt, you can call me or your insurance provider to review your coverage questions.

The main thing to remember is that, if you decide travel insurance is right for you, you will need to purchase the insurance as soon as you make your vacation deposit.  This allows you the best coverage including pre-existing conditions and supplier bankruptcy.

Have questions about your travel insurance options?  Schedule a free call.

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