5 Advantages to Using a Travel Advisor in 2021

Let me take you down memory lane.  It is early spring of 2020.  You found an unbelievable deal online with a discount travel website.  Then the world stopped unexpectedly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your vacation was cancelled. You received a generic email from the discount travel website about the cancellation with very little information […]

Amazon Deals for Some Favorite Travel Items

I love a good deal and I love to travel.  Combine those and you get to have fun with Amazon Prime deals.  Amazon hosts Prime Day at least once each year and it helps me to buy items that I have been watching for my favorite travel items.  Below is a recap of some of […]

What is on your vacation bucket list?

What’s on Your Travel Bucket List? Ready to go on that travel adventure of your dreams?  Here are a couple of simple ideas to help kick start your plans. One night, not long ago, David and I made a dream vacation list as a date night activity.  We had so much fun dreaming about vacations […]