11 Top Tourist Attractions in Antigua and Barbuda

Do you know how many jaw-dropping attractions are available in Antigua and Barbuda? Antigua and Barbuda are some of the most beautiful Caribbean islands to visit.  The twin islands offer magnificent pink and white sand beaches, protective reefs, a bird sanctuary, and so much more.  Read on to learn which 11 attractions we’ve deemed must-sees. […]

5 Types of Luxury Travelers

5 Types of Luxury Travelers Luxury travel is a very broad term that many people use when describing how they like to vacation.  But what does luxury travel really mean? Each person’s definition of luxury may be different based on their personal history and/or society.  Though most will tell you that luxury travel is commonly […]

What region in Greece should I visit?

Which region in Greece should I visit? Santorini Greece is a top destination for many people. It is no wonder why with its creation of the Olympic games, ancient ruins, beautiful islands, and fabulous food.  But how do you decide where to visit on a vacation to Greece?  Here are eight regions of Greece to […]