Creating a Travel Budget

Creating a Travel Budget Chances are, you already have a destination in mind for your next vacation. Statistically speaking, chances are even greater that you have not created a budget for the trip. Most American travelers will only create an estimated amount for the total trip cost after they decide on the destination, but very […]

5 Advantages to Using a Travel Advisor in 2021

Let me take you down memory lane.  It is early spring of 2020.  You found an unbelievable deal online with a discount travel website.  Then the world stopped unexpectedly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your vacation was cancelled. You received a generic email from the discount travel website about the cancellation with very little information […]

Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?

Do I really need travel insurance? A very common question I am asked from my clients is if travel insurance is really a necessary purchase.  Is it mandatory?  No, it is not required but we strongly advise to add insurance to a vacation, especially this year. We are in unprecedented times with us transitioning from […]