Exploring Alaska: Cruising vs. Land Vacations

Denali National Park scenery

Welcome aboard, fellow adventurers! Today, let’s unravel the mystique of Alaska, where towering glaciers, breaching whales, and pristine wilderness beckon explorers from around the globe. But the question remains: Should you explore Alaska by sea or by land? As a travel advisor specializing in premium experiences for discerning adults, I’m here to be your compass […]

Creating a Travel Budget

Creating a Travel Budget Chances are, you already have a destination in mind for your next vacation. Statistically speaking, chances are even greater that you have not created a budget for the trip. Most American travelers will only create an estimated amount for the total trip cost after they decide on the destination, but very […]

7 Holiday Travel Tips

7 Holiday Travel Tips Travel during the busy holiday season doesn’t have to be full of frustrations.  As you head into this time of year, remember these few tips to help you have smooth travel.  Plan and budget.  Travel in peak holiday season can be extra busy and priced at a premium.  We recommend you […]