What's on Your Travel Bucket List?

Ready to go on that travel adventure of your dreams?  Here are a couple of simple ideas to help kick start your plans.

One night, not long ago, David and I made a dream vacation list as a date night activity.  We had so much fun dreaming about vacations and what we would see and experience.  We talked about how it would feel to climb Machu Picchu in Peru and how fun it would be to tour Greece with our daughter to teach her about some of her heritage.  We imagined a transatlantic cruise from New York to England.  Thank goodness ships are so much better than the Titanic now! 

We talked about how we love how well-traveled our daughter is at such a young age.  She has learned about different cultures and different skills like farming.  She has also made friends from all over the world through her travels already.  We have been so blessed to give her such great experiences.

While it would be so awesome to just pick up and go somewhere, I know that isn’t realistic for us or most people.  So, where do you begin? 

You could have a fun time with your favorite travel companion(s) with brainstorming and dreaming up vacations over a meal or coffee.  I also love the idea of using a mind mapping exercise for this topic.

Get your favorite cup of tea or coffee and maybe even some great music that inspires you.  Grab a blank piece of paper and pen and find a cozy place that allows you to be free with creativity.  Take 5-10 minutes and just start writing.  Think of every place you have ever wanted to see, every type of experience you wanted to accomplish, a new culture in which to be immersed.  No place or experience is off limits.

Next, consider organizing the trips into budget-friendly trips, family trips, big dream trips, maybe even that once-in-a-lifetime trip, etc..  This step can help you determine how to build a vacation in to your calendar and budget planning process.  Remember, I want you to see and experience the world.  But, please don’t go into debt to do it.

Help me grow my dream travel list. What is that one place you have on your bucket list that is considered a must-see? 

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