7 Holiday Travel Tips

Travel during the busy holiday season doesn’t have to be full of frustrations.  As you head into this time of year, remember these few tips to help you have smooth travel. 

Plan and budget.  Travel in peak holiday season can be extra busy and priced at a premium.  We recommend you consider your travel plans three to six months in advance to find the best deals for air and accommodations.

Travel on off-peak days.  Avoid traveling the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Traveling early on the actual holiday can often save you frustration and money.

Pack earplugs and sleep mask.  Ear plugs will be your friend on noisy flights and a sleep mask can help you get better sleep-in unfamiliar hotel surroundings.

Ship your gifts.  Save frustration with trying to keep your suitcase under the weight limit and avoid the chance of gifts being opened for inspection.  Instead, ship your gifts to your final destination in advance.

Pack light.  If you can manage it, try packing a carry-on suitcase only.  This will help you avoid long lines to check in luggage and will let you keep your items with you should you have any flight or train schedule changes. 

Remember your chargers.  With the need to arrive early to air and train terminals during the holiday season, don’t forget to bring your device chargers and even a travel charging brick as a backup.

Call your travel advisor.  Stay calm and call your travel advisor.  They can help you find the best value and make sure your travel plans are smooth during the holiday season.

I hope these tips help spark ideas of how you can have a great travel experience during this holiday season.  And one quick bonus tip is to pack your smile and patience.  Lines will be long as everyone gets back into the swing of travel.  Your simple smile will help you keep a positive attitude and may just brighten someone else’s day too.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season that is filled with love and laughter.

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